Casa Nepalesa

We wanted to come here a while ago, but we never had time for it, so one day my husband send me a message that he will pick me up in Lisbon, when I finished my art class and I asked why, but he won’t told me.. so I need to wait and control my curiosity.. for 6 hours.. it was to long.. my anxiety was killing me.. but I did it, when the art class were over, he pick me and take me to this beautiful restaurant. A lovely surprise.

The restaurant was beautiful, the design.. mysterious and cozy at the same time. The employees are very friendly with us and very helpful. We order the tasting menu, to give a try of the best they had.


✓ Momo e Aluchop (Loved the Momo, the dough was amazing and with the sauce.. wow 🤩 About the Aluchop, it’s not bad but it was a bit dense inside)


✓ Thali Vanchha Ghar – National goat stew with sauce, lentils in curry sauce, sautéed with spinach and comino seeds, stewed seasonal vegetables with curry, tide rice and tomato chutney. (All, we can say that, that was amazingly delicious, we loved the taste, the meat melting in the mouth, so freaking yummy 🤤, the vegetables were beautifully prepared and so palatable).

Desserts – Mithai Ko Thali (For share)

Dugdha Malahi – Wild and dry fruits pannacota. (A good taste)

Khira – Traditional Sweet Rice (A bit like Portuguese sweet rice but very creamy, so rich)

Aamp Baraf – mango and pistachio ice cream (The holy grail of the desserts, so flavourful, they hit the right balance between saltiness and sweetness. Perfect 😍👌🏻).

We both love the food in here and it’s a place to return, definitely.

If you love Asian and Indian food, this is a mix of those type of food and you need to try. A food full of flavour and spices!! So yummy!!

I hope you like my food review.

Stay safe and healthy.

🍴Senses of a Lifetime🍴

Alento’s Restaurant

Alento’s Restaurant was a marvellous experience, placed next to Vila Nova de Milfontes, it’s a quiet, cozy and safe place to eat. You may need to book a table just in case. Just do it! You won’t regret.

To start, we choose WildFish with citrus fruit and coconut, so yummy, it melted in my mouth.

Next in line, goes the rack of lamb (with a fig crust, basking beans and corn bread crumbs); the Shrimp Tagliatelle (with soya sauce, cherry tomatoes and arugula).

Both delicious 🤤

To Finish we choose Carob Pannacota, Moist Chocolate Cake with wild berry sauce and Burn Custard with ice cream.

I don’t need to say anything more just check the photos and it will tell you everything. 🤤😉😏

Miyabi Sushi by Rodrigo Mattos

For us, Ericeira it’s a place to recharge our souls and to be at peace with one another.
The calming seas help us to reach a solution to whatever problem we might have. The sea breeze woke us up, letting us know that we are alive to fight and overtake whatever comes our way…
But, before the reflection… comes the food!!
So, let me tell you a little bit about these amazing discoveries that we made.
On a first floor in the center of Ericeira, this place showed us harmony through its decoration of dark and light tones.
The staff was very welcoming and polite.
About the sushi, you can see and feel the high quality of the products as soon as you taste them! We chose a traditional combo (no idea about the name of it… the big one, maybe?). Of it, all we can remember is the brilliance of its presentation alongside with the delicious taste of the fresh sushi!
We decided to drink some green tea alongside with our combo, this tea being served in a beautiful Japanese tea pot.
After our meal, we exchanged a few words with Chef Rodrigo (we assume??) and he does seem like a great person.
Best of luck to you Rodrigo. And stay tuned!
We Will Be Back!!

Miyabi Sushi By Rodrigo Mattos Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

In Spring Noodle Bar

When we know that was opened an oriental restaurant close to us, we definitely run to try out.
My first visit was a bit slowly, I mean the service but my second and third visit, they improved it.
The staff was polite and very helpful.
The place is simple and have some references to Japan, Indonesia and China.
About the food:
We order to start “Dim Sum”, the Shrimp Ravioli and was delicious.
Second we order 1 seafood soup (with some spicy on that I request) and 1 beef rice noodles.
Both of the dishes were delightful and full of flavours.
I truelly recommend this place if you love Asian food and want to try new food.

In Spring Noddle Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


Polpetta – Almondegaria Artesanal



We definitely needed to try this place, so we went for lunch.
The place is very cozy and beautiful, like a little Italian Bistro.
We ordered 2 menus.
In the menu you have a dish that you can choose between various types of meatballs (beef, chicken, pork, veggie, salmon or the special); the sauce (tomato, pesto, mushrooms or yogurt) and as a side dish, you can choose between fresh pasta, fried polenta, grilled vegetables, mashed potatoes, Couscous or rustic fries.
This menu includes, one dish, one drink and one dessert.
We both loved the beef meatball with fresh pasta and the tomato sauce. It was so delicious and the meat was so juicy.
Freaking Yummy.
About the dessert, someone got all the luck.. and I.. feel so unlucky.. the chocolate mousse had finished in the restaurant so they only had ‘Baba de Camelo’ and ‘Leite Creme’, which I don’t like much but someone LOVES this 2 desserts.. so.. my dessert was for him… I felt so jealous because his eyes were sparkling each time he placed a full spoon in is mouth.
Next time, I will go earlier to catch the chocolate dessert.
The lunch menu is cheap, costing less than 9€ per person.

Polpetta - Almondegaria Artesanal Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


“Petisqueira do Adoa”

After you go see the amazing beach and enjoy the view, or do cycling through the mountains, you definitely want to go lunch or dinner in this restaurant. Located near the road that leads us to the beautiful beaches.
So my experience was that: – We Arrive for dinner at 8P.M. and the employer bought us the menu and the coverts (homemade bread and olives).
I check the menu and realised that I was in a dilemma about 2 dishes, “Moqueca de Camarão” and “Caril de Camarão”.
So I called the employer and ask for his opinion, and he told me if I never tried, I should try because I wouldn’t be disappointed, and so it was.
A delightful dish full of spices and flavours so delicious.
My husband who is a fried cuttlefish lover chose that with salad and french fries as a side dish.
As always the fried cuttlefish never disappointing us, mellow and with some pepper on it that brings a spectacular flavour.
To drink we decided for a draught white wine, and it was a great combination.
For finish, the dessert, a marvellous mint chocolate mousse that was stolen by my husband, I just had the first taste of it, and never see it again.
Summing up, no photo! 😦
Screw you thief!!

Petisqueira do Adoa Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

“Casa Portuguesa” – Ericeira

This place is always open, it help me because I was starving at 3p.m. and I don’t find any restaurant that was accepting clients to eat. So next time, if you want go see the surfers qualification and forget the hours, you have this place!
The employers were amazingly friendly and very patient with me.. I’m very annoying with some things and they were remarkable and very helpful with me.
We decide for a dish called “Sertã de Mariscos” for 2 people.
When the dish arrived to the table, the smell was amazing and captive.
We can sense the ingredients if we closed the eyes.. the tomato, onion, peppers, herbs, shrimp, clams, cockles and mussels and the tasty wasn’t greasy at all.. it’s delicious.
We really love this dish and definitely we will return for new dishes and the Sangria too. 🙂

 Casa Portuguesa Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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“Monte Horeb”

This summer I went with my husband to Caldas da Rainha, to enjoy some beach days in Foz do Arelho and Óbidos lagoon.
With miles of coastline and stunning waters of Óbidos lagoon, the Silver Coast is heaven for everyone who loves watersports because of the mild climate and good winds.
So after we came from the beach at 8p.m, we decide to discover a new restaurant close by to have dinner and we chosen the “Monte Horeh”.
When we arrived, the decoration of the place was fantastic like we enter in India by a portal, the smells of spices in the air was amazing. The moment we walk to the center of the restaurant the windows in font draws us attention for the stunning view of Óbidos Lagoon.
About the food, forget what you eat (Indian food) in other places because this is a brilliant explosion of India tastes.
We choose “Samosa” to began, then we choose “Frango Karahi” and “Borrego Bhuna”.
(Wow ) very good, really yummy and it is really a explosion of tastes. Brilliant.
And to finish this fantastic dessert called “Gulab Jamun”.
The food is always fresh and this is what the Chef of the “Monte Horeb” stands for.
We will return to try new dishes and walk in through India one more time.

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“Marisqueira Modesto”

This restaurant have a great quality of fish and seafood. The last time I was here (finally got the chance to take 2 photos before I eat everything.. What can I do? I love seafood) I’ve tried the grilled crayfish (amazingly delicious) and clams at natural with lemon.
The inside is a bit small but cosy, I like it. But you have space outside to eat and enjoy the air.
Booking table requires to take a ticket with a number but the food compensate the waiting.
One of the few good restaurants in Sesimbra.
Sesimbra is a stunning place, with beautiful beaches, night out places and makes me feel happy, free and a dreamer.
Smelling the salt water of the sea, see the street art represent Sesimbra’s history, listen the good music, touch the warm sand and tasty magnificent food. Fantastic.

Marisqueira Modesto Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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“Rapó Tacho”


This Restaurant is new, sweet place with good vibes and employees very politely.
The food are good and tasty.
The mushroom’s steak is great but a bit greasy for me but seems the kids love it.
About the cow steak was great, beautiful and very tasty. Those dishes go along with french fries and white rice that complement very well with the dishes!
The desserts are homemade and delicious, about the egg’s pudding a bit to sweet but if you share this dessert with someone you have the problem solved.. or if you’re a great sweet tooth.. lol
I will return to this place for a fish experience and I will let u know.
Stars: 3.8 

Rapó Tacho Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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